Sr. Network Engineer
MD - Baltimore
6 months

Madison Sterns, Inc., A National IT Consulting Firm, is currently looking for a senior network support resource to manage / support Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network services (WAN) and related network administration tasks for our direct end client in Baltimore, MD. Project duration is 6+ months.


The Contractor will be involved in highly technical work of considerable difficulty and shall support connectivity to all client's data center locations using Cisco Content Switches, Cisco ASA firewalls/concentrators, Cisco Wireless Access Points, Cisco Managed Switches and Routers, and network monitoring systems. The Contractor must have in-depth level of routing, switching, and network security knowledge and experience. In addition to designing and managing the WAN configuration, this resource shall use software for evaluation loads, uptime, and intrusion detection tools.   The following are additional roles and responsibilities:

  1. Implement security releases, network upgrades, and operation of Local, Wide Area Networks, Network systems software, and CISCO hardware.
  2. Provide quality up-time performance of Internet Services, LAN/WAN protocols, design, operations, management, and control.
  3. Maintain firewalls at all client sites and Microsoft VPN connectivity.
  4. Maintain local wireless virtual networks and the Enterprise to the client's initiative.
  5. Design and Implement and test a Remote Business Continuance solution of critical applications.
  6. Design and Implement RSA Security Solution ®, MSDE for VPN users and Network Administrators.
  7. Preferred understanding of Federal HIPAA Regulations & Standards.
  8. Comprehend complex verbal and written instructions in English.
  9. Analyze user needs and design effective PC/LAN/WAN solutions.
  10. Solve problems and ensure effective operations of the networks and hardware.
  11. Perform long range capacity planning; make configuration, enhancement and security recommendations.
  12. Document various support process such as:  Restart procedures, Review of logfiles, actions taken, and new processes.
  13. Train client network specialists to perform daily support functions, and to verify network conditions.
  14. Manage a highly available WAN configuration, which includes, but is not limited to Cisco fail-over firewall configurations and Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) Configurations
  15. Manage and Configure Cisco ASA® solutions
  16. Administer VLAN technologies, including HSRP MSFC configurations
  17. Design, certify, implement and administer a wireless VLAN, using 802.11x technologies
  18. Install and manage secure access using Cisco ASA VPN termination.  Configuration efforts also to include client-to-site and site-to-site connectivity
  19. Execute vulnerability assessments and network penetration tests, using third party tools
  20. Provide management, with high-level analysis of all vulnerability tests and reports
  21. Manage a multi-site Cisco firewall, router, and switched network at all five Data Center locations, including such technologies as: EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP
  22. Assist in security policy review and design related to Server, LAN and WAN Connectivity
  23. Monitor performance and security, using network management tools
  24. Use Cisco Works® for SNMP management of LAN/WAN devices
  25. Implement and manage Cisco QOS prioritization and Ethernet virtual circuits.
  26. Monitor performance and patch management using Cisco Works
  27. Configure and handle upgrades of Cisco IOS®
  28. Develop and update Network Diagrams using Microsoft Visio®
  29. Use NetTracker Web Log Analyzer® to monitor utilization
  30. Configure and manage Cisco Content Switch®
  31. Manage and configure FTP services
  32. Configure, update, and Manage the Secure Transport® Server
  33. Implementing and supporting KVM over IP solutions
  34. Mentor other staff members on network technologies 

Technical Experience/Knowledge/Skill:

A minimum of two (2) years’ experience for all of the following:

  1. Working knowledge of a complete network environment
  2. Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  3. Active Directory 2003, 2008
  4. TCP/IP and DNS
  5. Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2010
  6. Server Security
  7. Backup and Recovery Methods
  8. File and Print services
  9. Terminal and Remote Desktop Services (including knowledge of Citrix)
  10. Cisco Switch Architecture
  11. Rack-mounting/Moving network equipment
  12. Monitoring server performance
  13. In-depth knowledge of Cisco security, routing and switching technologies
  14. Working knowledge of Linux (ex. RedHat, Debian) operations and networking
  15. Working knowledge of VMware versions 4.1, and 5.1 (virtual switching and routing) 


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